MTU is a brand of Rolls-Royce. MTU high-speed engines and drive systems are solutions for rail, marine, power generation, oil and gas, agriculture, mining, construction and industrial as well as defense applications.


MTU drive systems for mainline and multipurpose locomotives and for multiple units operating on commuter and regional services are designed specifically to meet the widest range of operational conditions and set the standards in terms of exhaust emissions. Day-in, day-out, on all continents, they deliver an impressive performance - whether providing regional passenger services, hauling heavy freight or on high-speed routes; whether operating at high service speeds on long-distance passenger services, powering industrial locomotives or providing switching operations in marshaling yards. Due to their low weight, compact design, smooth running characteristics and low noise emission levels, MTU engines are the drive units of preference for rail vehicles.


Rolls-Royce's innovative range of MTU drive solutions is ideally complemented by the MTU PowerPack® which combines all the individual system elements, such as the cooling system and exhaust aftertreatment, in a single functional unit mounted on a common raft. More than 6,500 of these compact MTU systems have been delivered to rail customers across the world.


With the MTU Hybrid PowerPack®, Rolls-Royce is offering a particularly environmentally-friendly version of this rail drive solution that combines the benefits of battery and diesel-driven trains. It incorporates a modern MTU diesel engine with exhaust gas aftertreatment, an innovative automatic transmission, an electric motor that recovers energy in braking mode and also serves as a drive unit, and an advanced battery system to store the recovered brake energy. Depending on the specific application, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 25 per cent and noise can be reduced by up to three quarters using the MTU Hybrid PowerPack®.


MTU engines and PowerPacks® are also ideal for repowering programs. Their space-saving dimensions mean they fit easily into existing engine compartments and are compatible with existing peripherals.

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